Northern Lights

I have started taking walks around town after supper the silence and stillness of the trees and the houses, and the people is amazing. the past couple of nights I have bundled up and journeyed out after making Terry promise me he would come looking for me after half and hour just in cause I slip and die on the black ice or get mauled by bears or huskies or moose.... I have been taking my camera and risking frost bite to get pictures of the stars but dispute their astounding brightness no such luck. I walk around the corner from my house into the forest and just sit on the ground in the snow and look up to the panoramic view of the night sky. And I lay there and stare at the north star which seems to be a hundred times brighter than all the others and am mesmerized until I start worrying about the bear behind me that I can not hear because my parka is buttoned up to my nose and all i can hear is the noise of my own thoughts. 
yesterday night I walked down along the 'beach,' to take in the sweet smoke than envelopes the town every evening from the family's wood burning chimneys and looked up along the water to see the northern lights. huge blue streaks in the sky and a stripe of blue circling the island across from Jean Marie (in the northerly direction)  just inches above the tree tops. It made me stop and think about what Canada was before colonization and wonder how many more treasures of nature these people experience in the north everyday every year. the little houses lining the beach looked beautiful with their fuming chimneys and empty little dog huts buried deep in the snow, everyone inside with the warmth for the night. 

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