Skiing with Sharon Firth

Today Sharon Firth came cross country skiing with our class. She talked a lot about goal setting and the obstacles that her and her twin sister had to overcome to become world class Olympic medalist First Nations professional athletes: alcoholism in her family of 16, her parents doubts that she would succeed. 
I skied behind the rest of the group with the 6 year old that is approximately the same skill level as me. It was -30 and blizzard-y so I wore my entire goose- down snow suit, neck and face warmer, toque, gloves and fur hood. It was fabulous, I didn't see Sharon once the whole time because we were skiing at a 6 year olds pace with a few teary wipe outs, but I felt like I was truly having a truly Northern experience. 
I talked to Sharon for a while after, she is retired and now travels around to rural schools leading recreation programs and telling her story. She believes everyone should have a dream and that it is ok to grow and change your dream, just as long as you dream again. Her next dream is to attend university. 

She told me she was jealous of my goose down suit so I let her try it on. 

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