The Sub Arctic

I had dinner twice this weekend at a funny little Chinese restaurant in Fort Simpson. The community cannot support any kind of dining selection so going out means supporting the only asian immigrants to the community by eating at their pizza/ Chinese in their fully ethnicized dining room. The hotel has a diner but the hours are limited so people often try to get out of work early to get there before the kitchen closes at 5:00. It was fun I met one of the other volunteers, she is from Mexico, and the district's accountant (the one that has messed up all of my travel plans here, finances and clothing) who turned out to be a lovely jolly man. The famous Christmas craft sale (the reason we had come into town for the weekend) that was supposed to be all native leather arts and beading was dominated by stands with pork buns, won ton skewers and sushi. It seems like this one Chinese family is reaping the rewards of their cultural difference. They certainly didn't seem surprised to see me there the second night. 

It snowed all weekend and the wind chill was bone chilling. We bought some short bread and barbie candy canes and did some light tours, but were pretty disappointed with the displays. Electricity is hugely expensive in Fort Simpson so this could be why. There were leftover Christmas desserts from the board office's Christmas party at our residence so i ate pie and cake all weekend and watched the snow fall down outside through the great big windows that line  the walls of the living room, merry christmas to me.

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Anthea said...

I think that sounds magical.
Like I said, as long as they have the lucky Chinese cats, its sound.
do you imagine they might really embrace the cross-cultural opportunity and branch out into seal or moose sushi?

that would be a reason to go.