Friday November 7

Friday! We baked cupcakes and unsuccessfully watched a movie. The kids put cake all over the floor were very restless. Afterchool I was feeling very defeated but I decided to go the the gym to talk to Jennifer the rec coordinator anyway, for company if not for substance. It was pretty disorganized, kids literally doing everything everywhere, and a funny little canteen that one of the older students seems to run quite successfully. I set up the school's karaoke machine for them and drank dr. pepper and tried to talk to jennifer while keeping one of the kids from smashing in their tv with a bat and a basketball. Jennifer is very soft spoken and it seems like anything could pretty much fly with her in the beggining but I am sure I will be doing the majority of the real work when it comes down to the day. She doesn't seem to really hold any authority with the kids. We are planning to have a karaoke friday night and have some arts and crafts days and movie nights. Hopefully some traditional crafts and beading! This is the beggininng of a pretty quiet weekend with terry in fort simpson..... lots of time to work on my wolf unit!

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