November 5th

Today was my second day at Louie Norwegian . We went cross country skiing and the weather was simply gorgeous. The snow is piles 3 metres high around the buildings and is a fine powder. The sunshine was so bright and the trees are so short that looking out along the river you would think there was nothing beyond ice but small islands with similar small communities going skiing at lunch. I am starting work on the projects I hope to have the kids do about the human body, wolves and a culture unit on hunting a trapping. Quite a broad range of subjects I have been assigned too haha. It's exciting. The kids are pretty enthusiastic and are lots of fun to be around, someone is always bothering someone else and you can't blame anyone because they are all too clever and cute.
I finally recovered from the chile pepper burns after being distracted by Obama's win and putting a few too many dried chilies into my bean medley soup. That was a stinger! It burned all through the night and I of course forgot in the morning and set my eyes a flame while putting in my contacts. The principal must think I am trying to kill him. Although it wouldn't be the first time someone has made that threat according to his stories about some of the other reserves he has taught in. There seems to be a really future for me in the north as a social worker if I so desire.

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